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Cafe Terra

Posted by Rani on July 16, 2009

Situated on the Koramangala 80 ft road right above Band Box dry cleaners, this is one of those minimalistic spaces converted to a restaurant and is apparently located at the erstwhile Belgian Chocolates something.

Other smallish areas done better come to mind, but no complaints for the place is air-conditioned (though I daresay I may have preferred patio dining, the first floor and very noisy traffic notwithstanding!) and a window-wall ensures plenty of bright, happy sunshine streaming in. The comic book collection was definitely appealing, though none were in their “designated” spaces, and an unexpected collection of Indian political cartoons was a bonus.

We got a bowl of popcorn “on the house”, and there the generosity ends. No, that’s not right. There the freebies end, cheapos that we are. No such thing as a free lunch, and this place definitely lives up to that maxim, and how. We ordered a drink each, of the lemonade or mocktail kind (no watering hole, this), and without fail, each of our drinks was terrible. Synthetic, horribly overpriced considering the settings, and not cold enough. But there’s something about a sunny place that makes you overlook these minor (ahem) details and we plodded on through the menu and decided on a plate of momos. Excellent choice, that. Yumm, perfectly spiced, and unlike their momo couterparts in similar sized joints, extremely fine and delicate.

The main dishes (available only for lunch) got neutral to good reviews. One friend swore by the chicken alfredo [here] (albeit made with penne, not fettuccini) though I found some spice (I couldn’t place what, oregano perhaps) a tad overpowering. The other friend’s dish of chicken catalan was very red, and very lots, with too little rice (and I cant seem to find a related recipe online). But she liked. My Sri Lankan curry and rice blew us all away in terms of how much they gave. Its easily a meal-for-two dish. The next point that blew us away was how big the veggies were cut, and that didnt make me any too happy, since they were a little undone too.

The curry reminded me too much of something I might’ve cooked – it was too home-made, and not in the comfort food way. Having said that, I still thought the gravy was something excellent. There were vague suspicions of something-slightly-burnt in the curry, which prompted my friend to say that another web review [here] he had read was along similar lines. But definitely not enough to complain about (much).

The place hurries you not a bit, so obviously we stayed on for coffee. We all loved the banana crepe and waffles, though the “maple syrup” was suspiciously like honey. I thought the coffee was fine too.

Pinch factor: considering the basic settings, a little much ouch

Food for 3: rs.840

I want to give their breakfast a shot, the idea of a lazy breakfast is too appealing to resist, and they seem to have some interesting options. And yes, breakfast is an all-day affair here.


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