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The Principle of the Matter

Posted by Rani on April 15, 2009

“The less tall your declarations of principle, the less foolish you will look in retrospect”

This was a random comment from some forgettable movie I saw recently, but it echoed what I often say: you never know how you will react till the moment of fire, as it were, actually arrives. Of course, this is not to say one shouldn’t have principles, it’s always nice (and often necessary) to tell yourself this is how you probably would (should, really) react if a situation were to come up….but the key word is probably, and we need to get that. Every single person I know who has made your typical “I would NEVER do that” statement ends up doing some variant of exactly what they had sworn they wouldn’t. After all, you dont know if you turn pink or blue till the litmus test (!!).

So why bother with principles in the first place? Its your Zen-like question on whether a tree makes a sound when it falls if no one is there to hear it. Principles, I suppose, are your compass. Your guide. Without knowing what we probably would (should) do, we become too…in-the-moment. Now, I’m all for living in the moment – but that compass helps. Just spare everyone the traumatizing yeah-I-got-a-compass-(talking loudly) drill.


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The Myth of Security (of the job kind)

Posted by Rani on April 11, 2009

For too long, I believed a regular salaried job was the acme of security, provided it was with a stable, sound, and well-run organization. And then the recession came. Of course, I had already started my long pending sabbatical (non-euphemistically a.k.a. break-from-work or even less euphemistically unemployment) by design (read I chose to do this, and you can’t miss that ‘cuz I italicized AND bolded it) when the recession hit and to everyone who asked me whether I was worried, I just said it was too late to start worrying now and I might as well (continue to) enjoy the ride. And to all those who wonder envyingly (actually, it’s usually suspiciously that I’ve lost it) how I manage it all with such élan, I have just one answer – jump off the cliff.

Yeah, jump because that’s the only way you really see that free fall is not such a bad thing (uhmm, assuming you were smart enough to equip yourself with a parachute haversack first).  Because if the recession has shown us anything, it’s been the transitory nature of all things including that regular salaried job with a stable, sound, and well-run organization.

So jump. Voluntarily, on your terms, and in your time.

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