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Decadent, not. Decade, aye. Over.

Posted by Rani on January 3, 2011

As is often the case, if it weren’t for television, and Facebook!, it wouldn’t have quite registered that the decade is over. 10 years is a long time, during which a lot would happen to anyone, and I wondered about ‘significant milestones’ in me own little life these past 10 years. Why am I getting such a kick out of this?!? 🙂

‘01 – moved to Bangalore. Significant, because it really was the start of so many new things for me, my not-so-sheltered life notwithstanding

’02 – blank. Why?!?

’03 – got my first cell phone. The darned thing was like some extension of my hand – I actually felt it ‘completed’ me. Then I lost it. Put things into perspective, yeah.

’04 – significant promotion at work, and a month-long (5-star too!) work trip. ‘Only’ in India, but I so loved it!

Also the year of the coveted, and hard-earned, IIM tag. Ahem. Phew.

’05 – the year I became “actually” cool, and surer of myself. Of course, I always thought me cool (except in pre-‘05 retrospect), and God knows no one has thought me anything but sure – a little too sure (sigh) – of myself, but this was the year of passage, as it were. I still don’t know why.

’06 – blank, again. Gasp!

’07 – a trippy (literally) year. ‘Only’ in India still…but still! Pondy, Wayanad, Devbagh, my first Breakthrough camp, Nagarhole, Coorg, beachside Chennai and Mahabs – 7 places, over 10 months. Not bad. Not been able to repeat the run, though. Oh well. The decade has only just begun.

Also the year kid sis came over, for a week of non-stop shopping, eating out, and generally living the life.

’08 – the year of the sabbatical. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Also the year (as dad later told me, and I heartily agreed) I “grew up” (different from being just sure of myself, so different). Not that I wasn’t always older than my years…just that the break helped more personally, than I could ever imagine. And inspired the birth of this world-famous blog the next year, that only I read.

’09 – fun, madness-filled, sleep-deprived trip to Delhi, to meet old friends. Every day of not sleeping was so worth it!

’10 – I owe to FB (but, of course) the nudge that got me writing this blogpost, and on FB shall I post an album on the year that was. Don’t hold your breath – it’ll probably be a while.


3 Responses to “Decadent, not. Decade, aye. Over.”

  1. Ayesha said

    Why does “met Ayesha” not figure on this list? Hrmph!

  2. Mats said

    Hey.. no mention of kalyanam?! So not a milestone eh? :p
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