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Take 5

Posted by Rani on July 15, 2009

Too loud music at TGI Fridays prompted an impromptu visit to the friendly, neighbourhood “dinner with jazz” joint. Not that impromptu really, considering I had called to make reservations only to be told it opened only by 19:00, a contradiction to the Times review I had read. The phone-answerer was none too helpful (and deliberately dense, I suspected), and a quick hanging up ensured my mood remained upbeat.

The place is getting dark..too dark to see…oh wait, that’s a song. Dark, which made me suspect the food, since the rule of thumb is supposed to be that the louder the music and the dimmer the lights, the worse the food. That thumb was lying, I’ve eaten at great places where I ended up picking food off my neighbour’s plate ‘cuz it was too dark to tell the difference.

Albeit dark, I liked the place. And while no live band was on, the soft jazz in the background added to the mood. Cut to two hours later when they suddenly started playing much louder music. And no jazz that, but since it was ’80s pop we could handle it. Seating, while good looking, was surprisingly uncomfortable — either too low seats, or too benchy. Can’t comment on the offside where more standard dining seats were available [we didn’t sit there], but isn’t a lounge area supposed to encourage lounging?

I had my signature virgin colada, the mocktail version of the pina colada. And I liked. But I thought the drinks were terribly overpriced though at that point, we had just come out of TGI Friday, so….relative, isn’t it? ..we thought it cheap.

The chilli beef appetizer was popular with my friends, and while I thought it was pretty good, I felt the pieces were too chunky. A few hours and more friends later, we ordered dinner, which disappointed me thoroughly, especially at the rates we were paying. Everything looked so good and a friend had highly recommended the food here, so my salivatory expectation was high, to say the least. The beef steak in pepper sauce had a mean sauce and mashed potatoes, but they seemed to have overcooked the meat¬†thereby rendering it too tender, ’twas a tad burnt (!!), and a little fibrous to boot. I think the chicken steak proved better, at least my friends seemed to like. My fish soup looked rich and creamy, and so it was, but I cannot figure how a creamy soup could be so sour.

Take 5 doesn’t get my vote on food, though it seemed a nice-ish place to hang out, the funny seating notwithstanding. A round with a live band might be a lot more interesting.

Pinch Factor: ouch

Food for 3: rs .1000

Liquids for 4, including my mocktails: rs.2600

Nevertheless, an overall 6/10 rating. It was pretty!


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