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The Ugly Duckling Revealed

Posted by Rani on June 26, 2009

Oh spare me the beauty-is-from-within lines. Face it, if you aren’t a pretty face, no one is really going to pay attention. Having said that, and as one who is not uhmm….(un)conventionally beautiful (damn), I have, over time, come to believe that beauty is as beauty feels (and does, definitely).

As Ms.Paltrow said, “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” — aye aye.

If you want to feel beautiful, you have got to pay some attention. No, the ill-fitting clothes and unkempt hair don’t not matter just because you’re loaded with attitude (the vice-versa converse also holds true). Ahh, so here’s a quickie self-help guide:

1. You can’t change some aspects in the way you look. Don’t even try. You can’t get shorter or taller, fairer, thinner (unless you put in some diligent effort and this is just a quickie guide). So, as any stylist will tell you for $50 an hour, highlight assets and camouflage the rest. But most of all, revel in who you are and how you’ve been created.

2. Dress well. Really. Spend some money already.

3. Love your hair. Again, don’t try to change it (too much). I have wild, unruly curls and I always say you gotta love your curls. Just take good care of your tresses, find a good stylist, and be happy. Your best investment really is a good hairdo and shampoo.

4. Feel good about yourself – others will notice. This includes the whole nine yards of self-development, relationship building blah blah. Yawn. Go read a management book on how.

5. And since beauty is also as beauty does, be good. Ask your mom how.

Yes, I walk into a room with too many models and I feel insignificant. The ugly duckling resurfaces. Then I remember I had a 4.2/5 GPA in B-school (gloat gloat, in your face, baby) and I feel good. Well, not really. These girls are bombs, and they make you feel blah though they probably haven’t even noticed you. Oh, that’s worse. So then I tell myself I’ve read Tolstoy and Kundera and Marquez. Well, something’s gotta work. And something usually does. These moments are rare (phew), I don’t think I’m a piece-of-art, but I do think I’m okay. More than.

 “I’ve developed into quite a swan. I’m one of those people that will probably look better and better as I get older – until I drop dead of beauty.” – Rufus Wainwright

8 Responses to “The Ugly Duckling Revealed”

  1. feddabonn said

    get a face tattoo. solves ALL looks related issues.

    • Rani said

      Lol, I think I have given an easier (and ahem, more practical?) way to love ourselves, *as we are*. Having said that, and taking ur line seriously, I think it needs *some confidence to pull off any obvious tattoo! *If I ever get one, I know I’d be too chicken to have it visible!

    • Rithish said

      Don’t. Didn’t you see what happened to MJ? 🙂

      • Rani said

        ahh, MJ is a classic example of one who couldn’t accept himself the way he was and tried, a tad too hard, to change things. Hehe, how does MJ pick his nose?…… from a catalogue 😀

      • Rithish said

        Hmm! I gather that cracking PJs runs in the family. Eh? 😛

  2. Sojish said

    Is the above guide only for women ?

    Btw, the blog was good. I loved your presentation style.

    • Rani said

      Oh, I think the guidelines are fairly unisex, including the one about the hair. Watch any makeover show and you’ll see how the guy invariably has his hairdo changed, or moussed at the least!

      And thanks, glad you enjoyed this post 🙂

  3. Rani said

    On points 4 and 5, a link I found:


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