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What’s in a Name?

Posted by Rani on April 15, 2009

I never remember names. Never. Not of real people, I seem to be fairly okay there. Of fictional characters in the various (I hope) books I have read. So much so that one might wonder if I have actually read any of the books I claim to or have just taken the much easier route of wiki-ing the synopsis, an act usually reserved for movies.

Possibly the only book I remember names of even minor characters is Gone with the Wind (try India Wilkes for size). H2G2 is a fairly close second. I want to add Lord of the Rings to the list, but I confess I consciously tried to memorize the names with little success. Go Frodo, go Gandalf!

I believe it has something to do with my relating more to the ethos of the story than the actual characters themselves. Bravo, well said Rani. A good weasel out of the more plausible I’m-just-not-paying-enough-attention reason.  I got to cut me some slack, it probably does have something to do with the first reason.

As with all other issues in life, this poses the eternal question on how the heck it matters. As a self-confessed pseudo-intellectual, one of my vices ought to be to wax eloquent and unintelligbly (to the layman, duhhh) on obscure books and throw in quotes and names. Name-droppers, all of them wannabes.

Ahh, I think the real issue is that I tend to simplify things in order to understand it. Which I’m fine with, because I personally think it’s a rare trait that one can simplify a dense piece to make it understandable to the layman AND without appealing to the lowest common denominator. I really am a pseudo-intellectual….but now, in a better sense of the word. I die happy.

<insert afterthought>: if I think I’m above the layman, maybe I am a pseudo-intellectual after all, and no longer in a better sense of the word. Revert to status quo.

8 Responses to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. ousep said

    I’m sure you remember the name of a certain fictional Mr Asthikuzhy, though.

  2. Rani said

    Yes Darius, I most definitely do. Had to write it down to actually get the joke (in the days of yore).

  3. praveen kulkarni said

    LOTTA JARGON…… You need to remember the names Rani , atleast the people whom u consider Imp or VIPs . Sometime in the near future if you meet me to discuss about your POSTs/BLOGs &amp, then forget the name/names of people who commented on those POSTs/BLOGs, atleast i’ll be definitely disappointed 😉 LOL

    • Rani said

      I already mentioned – I seem okay with real life people, its only the fictional characters in books whose names I forget

  4. Sajay said

    Trust me, you’re better-off.. its quite a bitch when you meet someone and walk back not having a clue about the person you just told “nice meeting you”.

    • Rani said

      lol, well that has happened to me too, but I guess its all relative. Not so much as to put me in a spot anyway!

  5. nirvana demon said

    clarifications needed.

    • Rani said

      Yikes, wasn’t it easier to just google it? ;-D

      The one…the only…. Hitchhiker’s (2 H’s) Guide (1st G) to the Galaxy (2nd G)…..that darling trilogy in 5 parts, the ‘sub-stories’ not counting. Ok, I’ve lost count now.

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