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The Myth of Security (of the job kind)

Posted by Rani on April 11, 2009

For too long, I believed a regular salaried job was the acme of security, provided it was with a stable, sound, and well-run organization. And then the recession came. Of course, I had already started my long pending sabbatical (non-euphemistically a.k.a. break-from-work or even less euphemistically unemployment) by design (read I chose to do this, and you can’t miss that ‘cuz I italicized AND bolded it) when the recession hit and to everyone who asked me whether I was worried, I just said it was too late to start worrying now and I might as well (continue to) enjoy the ride. And to all those who wonder envyingly (actually, it’s usually suspiciously that I’ve lost it) how I manage it all with such élan, I have just one answer – jump off the cliff.

Yeah, jump because that’s the only way you really see that free fall is not such a bad thing (uhmm, assuming you were smart enough to equip yourself with a parachute haversack first).  Because if the recession has shown us anything, it’s been the transitory nature of all things including that regular salaried job with a stable, sound, and well-run organization.

So jump. Voluntarily, on your terms, and in your time.

15 Responses to “The Myth of Security (of the job kind)”

  1. baruk said

    i jumped, and am *still waiting for the bloody chute to open. 😐

    how’s your jump doing?

    • Rani said

      Still in free fall, and completely *still enjoying the view. I hope you’re making the most of it too, instead of worrying about that chute 🙂

  2. fiaz said

    Hmmmmmmm… nice to know…but who picks up the bills?

    • Rani said

      The operative line was “…….free fall is not such a bad thing (uhmm, assuming you were smart enough to equip yourself with a parachute haversack first).”

      So YOU pick up the tab, at least you have to (continue to) be in a position to do so. You never jump without the parachute!!

      I hear ur bro is jumping off the cliff too? Way to go, Jas!

  3. baruk said

    ah, the chute. make sure its the right size too, lol. i’m getting an ickle lickle beet bored o the view…

    so many people i know are jumping/have jumped…i’m wondering if my generation has hit its m** l*** c*****.

  4. Bruno said

    I completely agree with enjoying the free fall / taking a break from work (sabbatical), but I wonder how many people actually make use of this break in a more meaningful manner. I guess once you have taken the break you need to do what you really wanted to do all your life.. Sing, dance, travel around the world, get close to nature..something that you always wanted to do but could not take it up as a career, its the time to fulfill your dream and I beleive that would make the free fall more exciting and meaningful.. And you would not regret even if your parachute failed to open later..bcos you would have lived your life by then 🙂

  5. Alphi said

    Just came across the site, interesting read. Waiting for more 🙂

  6. Chakky said

    this article reminds me of .. https://rigmaroled.wordpress.com/2009/04/15/the-principle-of-the-matter/

    what you said there..:)

  7. Jayshree said

    Well said-absolutely nothing has a guarantee.By the way,there is a website http://www.angstcorner.com where one can take up a survey called Job Compass to gauge one’s job security in the next 6 months.Worth a visit!

    • Rani said

      Thanks for the link. I quit my job before the recession officially hit, so it helped that I chose to be here but definitely there are moments when I wonder if I ever will be jobbed again!

      Surprisingly enough (and influenced by me, I like to think), I know of at least 4 people who chose to quit their jobs, bang in the middle of the recession. And more recently, a person who was retrenched but is taking it absolutely in stride. I love resilience!

  8. Teena said

    Interesting post…..i totally agree with you (for once). If you are busy worrying whether your chute is gonna malfunction then you’ll never get to enjoy the adrenaline rush. Then the whole attempt is futile…..so enjoy the free fall while it lasts.

    • Rani said

      (well, we both know you actually agree with me almost all the time)

      Yeah, but from speaking to various people I know its easier to say than to do. I’m surprised myself (and proud!) that I did (!!).

  9. remya said

    cant believe that you are actually recommending it. anyways, maybe you should have a plan B to call your friends up and ask them them arrange for an airbag at the bottom 😉

    nice writing.glad that i could inspire you!:D

    • Rani said

      Well, the idea is that you keep your chute ready. But yeah, I guess a safety net adds to the sense of security!

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